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how to integrate new laboratory technician in the lab

Integrating a New Microbiologist: How to Optimize Training and Qualification

When a new microbiologist joins your team, before they can…
best rapid microbiology method used in the pharma labs

Microbiology Pharma: The Best Rapid and Alternative Methods

We asked the SuperMicrobiologists (over 10,000 followers…

SuperMicrobiologists’ survey

Once a week, on our LinkedIn SuperMicrobiologists page,…
Best calibrated QC strains used in pharma industry for Growth promotion test microbiology

Pharmaceutical Microbiology: The 4 Best Calibrated QC Strains

In the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, we…

Microbiology: Should We Use CRM QC Strains?

Did you know that among the quality control strains we use,…
how to crush pills and tablets in the pharmaceutical industry

Pharma Microbiology: How to crush tablets?

"Super Transparent" ArticleInterscience asked us to write…

Food microbiology: Selection of the best laboratory blenders

(New Version Coming up in April 2024) Before purchasing…
Salmonella contamination in Peanut Corporation of America - Let's talk about contamination

Let’s Talk Contamination: Salmonella spp., 2009 – Peanut Corporation of America

It's by learning from past crises that we can (perhaps)…

The name behind the strain: Cronobacter sakazakii

Following Francois Bourdichon's request, here is the super-interesting…
Why Sabouraud culture medium is called sabouraud ?

The name behind the… culture media : Sabouraud

Sabouraud culture medium is named after Raymond Sabouraud,…