world map of the microbiology labs

The worldwide map of microbiology labs

This map is the fruit of the collaborative work of the SuperMicrobiologists. To be able to see it, we ask you to participate by answering this short questionnaire.

Your answers will enable us to complete the map.

Fill this form and discover the microbiology labs near you

What lab do you work in ?
  • Pharma
  • Cosmetics / Cosmétique
  • Food / Agro-alimentaire
  • Supplier / Fournisseur
  • Medical devices / Dispositif médicaux
  • Student / Etudiant.e
  • Public research / Recherche publique
  • Water / Hydrologie
  • Biotech
  • Clinical / Clinique
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    • pierre
      pierre says:

      Hello Kenza,

      if you have completed the questionnaire, it is OK, your lab will appear with the next update ;-). Thank you very much for sharing !!


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