Food microbiology: Selection of the best laboratory blenders

(New Version Coming up in April 2024)

Before purchasing a new blender for the microbiology laboratory, it’s always better if you can gather feedback from multiple users. Unfortunately, we’re not always in contact with other microbiologists!

To assist you, we asked the SuperMicrobiologists community (9,500 subscribers on LinkedIn) which grinders they preferred.

Here’s their selection:

Standard Volume Blenders (400ml)

BagMixer 400 from Interscience

BagMixer from Interscience lab blender used for microbiological food analysis
BagMixer from Interscience

Laboratory blender for samples ranging from 50 to 400ml. Ideal for 25g food samples. Several models are available (glass or plain door, etc…).

Technology highlights:

  • Easy to clean thanks to amovible paddles
  • Quiet in operation (48 dB)
  • Ambidextrous door closing handle
  • Reduction of musculoskeletal disorders: The “hingeless” door opening facilitates the introduction of the bag into the blender, limiting shoulder movements.
  • Durable and robust product, all 304 L stainless steel design.

Link to BagMixer 400 SW
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Large Volume Lab Blender (For pooling)

JumboMix 3500 and JumboMix 3500 WarmMix from Interscience

Jumbox a 3500ml high-volume lab blender from Interscience
WarmMix a large, heated lab blender for microbiological analysis from Interscience
JumboMix WarmMix

Laboratory blenders for large samples, up to 400g of matrix. It is primarily used for food sample pooling. The JumboMix is available with a “heated door” version (between 20 and 50°C). This option is used for the detection of Trichinella in pork but can also be used for other matrices (e.g., pharmaceuticals, chocolate, etc.).

Technology highlights:

  • Easy to clean thanks to detachable paddles
  • Durable and robust product, made off 304 L stainless steel design
  • JumboStand: Cart specially designed for moving and using the lab blender without lifting arms above the heart (to avoid musculoskeletal disorders)

Link to JumboMix and WarmMix lab blenders
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Now you have all the information you need to choose the Lab Blender that best suits your lab. Let us know in comment which one you choose!

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