The 5 best Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) for microbiology lab

Having an excellent BSC (Biological Safety Cabinet) is very important for a microbiologist.

First the Microbiological Safety Cabinet must protect the microbiologist, the sample and the lab environment.

Then, as microbiologists we spend a lot of time “in” or close to our BSC, so it has to be “comfortable” and quiet.

Last but not least a good BSC must be robust and last a very long time (we should target 15-20 years !).

To save you time in making your choice, we surveyed SuperMicrobiologists to find out which BSCs they preferred.

By asking these suppliers, chances are you’ll find your “precious” BSC!

Summary : 

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Erlab-Noroit’s Essential Solis BSC

Solis BSC type 2 from Erlab Noroit
easy cleaning of BSC glass with front panel opening. BSC Solis from Noroit Erlab

The Essential Solis BSC offers a 304L stainless steel work volume, an electric 10° inclined front window, a 20 cm opening, LED lighting, glazed sides, and double ventilation.

Moreover, the Essential Solis microbiological safety cabinet offers unique options such as an H2O2 bio-decontamination system to ensure effective decontamination of the work volume; an inverter to maintain BSC operation in case of power failure; voice commands to control the BSC without touching anything.

Strengths of the Essential Solis BSC:

  • French manufacturing: Erlab-Noroit BSC are manufactured in France.
  • Window cleanability: The front window cleaning system allows users to completely and easily clean and decontaminate the inside of the window.
  • Simple to use: The touch screen, compatible with laboratory gloves, makes it easy to operate the BSC; adjust the brightness of the work volume, set the UV cycle, trace maintenance checks, and the state of HEPA filter clogging. The screen offers the following applications: calculator, electrical outlet timer, MP3 player to listen to your playlist, and even a webcam to film your manipulations.

Link to ErlabNoroit BSCs
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Telstar’s Bioptima 4 BSC

BSC, type 2 microbiological safety cabinet from Telstar
easy opening of the front window of a Telstar BSC Bioptima

Telstar has been producing Class II BSCs for over 50 years. The Bioptima BSCs are manufactured in Europe, specifically in Spain.

These BSCs contain a G3 pre-filter under the work surface, an electric front window, an external armrest, a divisible 304 L stainless steel work surface, glazed side walls. This BSC is unique in having a V-shaped air return grill, which allows the operator not to block the flow with their forearms.

Strengths of the Bioptima BSC:

  • Comfortable: Front window with 7º inclination and 20 cm window opening
  • Easy to clean: Easy to maintain and decontaminate (complete opening of the window – removable and autoclavable parts). The corners are rounded for easy cleaning.
  • TÜV Certification

Telstar has installed more than 20,000 PSMs worldwide.

Link to Bioptima BSCs
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FASTER’s Safefast Premium BSC

BSC Faster safefast premium presented by SuperMicrobiologists
PSM Faster front window opening for easy, thorough cleaning

Faster has been manufacturing its BSCs in Italy since 1984

The BSC Safefast Premium features a chamber made of 316L stainless steel, a 7° angled electric front window, an opening height of 16 cm (up to 250 cm upon request), and two motor.

The Safefast range consists of 4 models; Classic, Top, Elite, and Premium, all available from 0.9 m to 180 cm in width.

Key features of the PSM Safefast Premium:

  • Low power consumption: 84.4 watts during operation, equivalent to 163* kg/year of CO2. (*8h/day, 52 weeks/year).
  • Quiet in operation: With its direct current fans (low consumption), this BSC operates at a noise level of 42.5 decibels.
  • Easy to clean: The opening of the front panel allows for easy cleaning of the inside of the glass.

The FASTER BSC park is estimated to have more than 45,000 installations worldwide.

Link to Bioptima BSCs
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The challengers

BSC by Chinese brand Haier. distributed in France by Grosseron

Haier Biomedical has been manufacturing its BSCs in China since 2005.

These BSCs are available in a single, most common size: 120cm in width. The glass is tilted at a 10° angle (for comfort) with a 20cm opening. Its opening is manual. The side walls are glazed, and the work surface is made of 316L stainless steel.

Key features of the Haier Biomedical BSCs:

  • Economical: This was the main argument highlighted by SuperMicrobiologists (mainly in the food industry and public labs) in the survey. The price of this BSC is very competitive.
  • Complete package: The BSC comes with a base (height adjustable), 2 power outlets, and a UV lamp. Anti-dust grille and armrest along the entire length as standard.

Link to Haier BSCs

Contact Grosseron for Haier BSCs

The other BSCs

The other brands named by the SuperMicrobiologists in the survey are : Thermo and Esco

Now you have all the information you need to choose the BSC supplier that best suits your lab.

Let us know in comment which one you choose!

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