SuperMicrobiologists’ survey

Once a week, on our LinkedIn SuperMicrobiologists page, we poll microbiologists on a question of “general interest”. The results aren’t always what we thought they’d be… but that’s what makes the community so strong!

SuperMicrobiologists… style

Why did you choose to be a microbiologist ?
Do you listen music in your microbiology lab ?
In your microbiology lab, do you wear safety glasses ?
Do you start with water or with the soap when you wash your hand in the microbiology lab ?
BSC (BioSafety Cabinet)

How many BSC do you have in your lab ?
Do you think UV lamps are effective for BSC decontamination?
In your BSC (BioSafety Cabinet), do you manipulate with gloves ?
Can 2 microbiologists work under the same BioSafety Cabinet?
What is the shelflife of hepa filter BioSafety Cabinet ?
In your lab, how do you protect your manipulation ?
Do you use a Bunsen burner in your lab ?
What does BSC mean to you ?
QC strain

at what temperature do you keep your strain bank ?
In your microbiology lab do you use QC strains ?
What type of QC strains do you use ?
What do you used for your Growth Promotion Tests ?
GPT old lot versus new lot or only the new lot ?
Pharma / Environmental Monitoring

Have you ever had biofilms in your water loops?
What do you use for surface environmental monitoring
Pharma Microbiology : Do you do double reading of your Petri Dishes ?
What temperature do you incubate your plate for environmental monitoring ?
How long do you use the spreader to spread your plates ?

Do you know why in microbiology we incubate our agar plate upside down ?
RMM (Rapid Microbiology Method)

Do you know why pharmaceutical Sterility Test last 14 days ?
Microbiology Laboratory, do you use a rapid method ?

Bulk survey

How do you label your Petri dishes ?
Do you perform Gram staining ?
What tool do you use for your agar enumeration plates ?
How often do you participate to proficiency testing in your lab ?
What technology do you use to count colonies on your plates ?
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